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How Insufficient Purging Training Is Costing You In Dollars & Downtime

Selecting a high-quality purging compound is only the first part of a comprehensive program that addresses and alleviates every purging concern in your manufacturing process.

The second part of a complete plastics purging process program focuses on comprehensive training and verifying that documented procedures are being followed accurately, every single day.

In this educational guide, How Insufficient Purging Training Is Costing You In Dollars & Downtime, you’ll learn:

  • Why purging procedure training matters
  • The common pitfalls of purging without process training
  • Overcoming the biggest purging training obstacle
  • The most comprehensive and effective methods for purging procedure training
  • How to verify that your purging compounds and procedures are working together to save you time and money

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With Asaclean®, it's a relationship. Training is a part of that. It's great to get in front of people and educate, because if five pounds works, ten pounds is not better. So training is key when you're using these products.
Al V. , Manufacturing Manager, Aerospace, Northwest