Which Purging Compound is Right For You?

Spend 10 Minutes With a Purging Process Expert and Start Saving Now.

In order to get the most out of your purging compounds, you need to use the right product, follow the right instructions, and create a repeatable plan to truly optimize the process. That’s why we are offering a no-cost consultation to introduce five methods for speeding up your color/resin changeovers.

During your consultation with an Asaclean® Purging Process Expert, you will:

  • Identify which purging compound is the best choice for your process, application, resins, and goals
  • Learn how to conduct a Cost Savings Analysis that shows you your savings based on cost-per-purge vs. cost-per-lb
  • Start to develop a customized Purge Program to get you the greatest possible savings using Asaclean® Purging Compounds

Complete the form to speak with a Purging Process Expert at ASACLEAN and ensure your changeovers are quick and seamless so you go right back into your production runs.

We have had a significant reduction in purging/setup time as well as contamination and scrap. ASACLEAN is currently saving us $75,000 per year in scrap and purging time. Savings are expected to increase to $150,000 per year once ASACLEAN is implemented plant-wide."
Roger , Injection Molder at an automotive supplier in the Midwest