Which Purging Compound Is Right For You?

Spend 10 Minutes With A Purging Process Expert And Get 5 Tips To Speed Up Your Changeover

Purging procedures aren’t exactly a wholly evident process. Along with the right purging compound, you need detailed instruction and purging tips to truly optimize the process. That’s why we are offering a no-cost consultation to introduce five methods for speeding up your color/resin changeovers.

During your consultation with an ASACLEAN Purging Process Expert, you will:

  • Identify which purging compound best achieves cleaning power with scrap reduction
  • Discover how to factor in the cost of purging versus the cost of machine downtime and scrap
  • Learn ways to speed up your changeover when using ASACLEAN purging compounds

"We have had a significant reduction in purging/setup time as well as contamination and scrap. ASACLEAN is currently saving us $75,000 per year in scrap and purging time. Savings are expected to increase to $150,000 per year once ASACLEAN is implemented plant-wide."
- Roger, Injection Molder at an automotive supplier in the Midwest

Complete the form to speak with a Purging Process Expert at ASACLEAN and ensure your changeovers are quick and seamless so you go right back into your production runs.