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Asaclean U is a complimentary, on-site, educational program designed to teach students about purging compounds and their role in a production environment.

Everything your students learn will be general knowledge that applies to all purging compounds.  The purpose of these talks is to help your students understand how to use purging compounds before they start working in the field.

The program offers your choice of several customizable lectures designed around different topics. These topics are flexible and can be catered to your program’s interests or needs.

We will send a purging expert to your campus to teach about purging. Our expert leaves time for a Q&A session and will perform an onsite product demonstration if that is something you are interested in.

Additionally, we will provide free product samples for your classes, give away useful promo items, and provide a lunch for all of the attendees. 

Again, this is all completely free of charge. 


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Asaclean U